GPC’s Branching out

So as you may or may not have noticed, GPC has been through some structural changes this past month.
I thought I’d take some time to explain what this is about for anyone who is interested.

The GPC family have been on a long journey over the last 7 years and have achieved so much and most importantly touched the lives of thousands of people all over Scotland, UK, Europe, US and even the Caribbean.
We quietly work away knowing that the real reward comes from watching the transformation of the people we work with, the travel opportunities that we create, and the effort, laughter and love we share in our training.
I am very proud of the brand and the ethic that the team has built up through GPC and I think that will continue for a long time.
As with Parkour, it’s important that things are always moving forward and this is one of the main reasons for the creation of two branches within Glasgow Parkour Coaching:

Glasgow Parkour Coaching Academy – Our Teaching branch
GPC Academy deals with all regular classes, community workshops and tasters across a number of locations.
At our current regular classes we see around 150-200 students per week, not including any school terms or community programmes. Mick McKeen will be the Coaching Manager for this branch and we’ve brought a few new coaches into the team to experiment with some new styles and cast the net a little wider in terms of our teaching styles, while still holding firmly to our core Parkour values.

Glasgow Parkour Creative – Our Artistic branch
My first ever job as a Parkour professional was with a major theatre company, and that trend has continued and taken myself and the team half way across the world working on community arts projects and performances. Out of these collaborations GPC has built a unique angle on how Parkour can be used for engagement, performance, devising, choreography, design, visual art and a lot more.
We’ve watched some of the team fashion their own performance work, styles and groups and we’ve developed a strong network of artists who want to work with us to explore Parkour’s potential as an artistic discipline.
I plan to bring my focus purely on to this side of GPC and will be taking the role of Creative Manager, as well as still overseeing Glasgow Parkour Coaching as a whole.

I’m really excited to see members of the team step up and take the lead on certain aspects of GPC and I’m excited that I’ll have the time and space to really see what Glasgow Parkour Creative can do, as well as just take a bit more time for my Parkour which any coach will tell you sometimes takes second priority when you are teaching full team and leading a team.

I appreciate that so much of our work and our progress has relied on the support,dedication and sheer strength of the students – thank you from all of the GPC family for your support on our journey so far.
I can assure that the GPC team are very much alive and well(!) and ready to embrace the change.


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